How it helps

Focused on the highest value features, we’ve kept the application streamlined so it’s easy to learn and doesn’t overwhelm you with unnecessary complexity.

Improved efficiency
Teams can work faster when their information and tasks are centralized. Bensis brings your key data all into one place.
Better data quality
Implementing data management best practices, we’ve designed the system top to bottom to ensure your data is of high quality and useful.
Less wasted time
Waste less time shifting through poorly organized databases and arrays of spreadsheets. With Bensis, we bring everything to your finger-tips.
Better decisions
With better insights, you make better decisions, whether you’re trying to find wells that need re-working or looking for ways to optimize your workflows.
Reduced data entry
You can upload spreadsheets of data or automate data loading workflows.  Either way, it saves your team time and money.
Easier to find data
Bensis can serve as your go-to system of record, facilitating everything from everyday operations to production analysis and audits.
Better insights
Easy to understand graphs, charts and maps help you understand trends and opportunities to maximize your operations.

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Integrated Solutions

Your work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your software shouldn’t operate in one either.

Digital meters
Many existing digital meters whether located in the field or part of a telemetry system, feed you with spreadsheets (Excel or CSV) of your production data. We’ve developed uploading tools that make loading thousands of records easy.
App integrations
iWell — Bensis works with iWell’s API to pull your data back into Bensis so that you don’t have to search multiple databases to see the information important to you.
Return on investment

Good software pays for itself. Bensis does this by
  • Cutting hours spent on data entry
  • Reducing time spent generating reports
  • Making data easy and fast for your team to access
  • Helping your team do analysis and make decisions that boost production and save money

A ‘Regulatory Analyst’ working in oil and gas gets paid an average salary of ~$60k/year.

If 40% of the job is data entry and filling out regulatory reports, that’s $24k/year.

If your team automates data entry and utilizes Bensis’s push-button reports, that can be cut to a few hours a month. For a company with 100 wells, Bensis might cost $6k/year.

That’s a 3x ROI.

U.S. based support with industry knowledge

Our team built Bensis out of a passion for helping local oil and gas companies

Based in Michigan and having spent the last decade working with oil and gas data, we built Bensis to be the kind of application we would want to use.

Should something you need support on pop up, we’ll work with you to resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Getting started is easy

We can get you up and running in a couple of days.
   Sign up for an account.
   Add your assets or import the data you already have.
   Start tracking.
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