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Driving efficiency for smaller teams

With smaller teams having to do more work, Bensis helps you get more done with less.

Tools focused on the tasks you do most and an intuitive easy-to-use interface help your team work quickly and with confidence.

More data doesn’t have to mean more work

The digital revolution was supposed to save us time.


Our system helps ensure that comes true by employing automation to help process data and by aggregating your most important information into one cohesive system.


Better decisions with better data

With complete visibility across your operations you’ll be able to make faster and better decisions.

Quickly find records, view up-to-date information, graphs and charts and make plans for how to boost well productivity or head off costly issues.

Don't let knowledge retire with your team

Turnover and retirements are natural and healthy. Losing critical information isn’t.

Bensis gives you a place to institutionalize your organization's knowledge with digital files, asset mapping and other features that make information accessible.

Minimize regulatory burden

Regulatory requirements tax your team because of the work you have to do to stay in compliance.

Cut the work required with an information system built to help you stay up-to-date with reporting requirements and generating regulatory reports.

(Coming soon)

What can you do with Bensis?

Collect all your well and production data in one secure place and access it from anywhere.
Track asset performance and production trends with real-time dashboards, maps, and alerts.
Generate more profits and less paperwork with automated reporting. (Coming soon)

Getting started is easy

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